While Dolittle may not be faring well at the box office, one great thing to come out of the press tour is Tom Holland. Because, well, Tom Holland is never not great. More specifically, Tom’s dog, Tessa, stole the show at the London premiere of Dolittle this past weekend.

The actor shared some pics of him and his sweet doggo on the red carpet, thanking Robert Downey, Jr. for the opportunity and also promoting a link to his family’s charity foundation, The Brothers Trust. Check it out:

Chris Evans and Dodger might be the most famous Marvel actor pairing with a pooch, but Holland’s love for Tessa is almost as well-documented. The young actor has had the Staffordshire bull terrier ever since she was a wee pup (she’s now five years old) and he’s regularly posted about her on social media from the beginning:

Look at that face.

Holland chose Tessa specifically because of the stigma that Staffordshire terriers, along with pit bulls and a few other breeds, are dangerous dog breeds. Since then, the actor has been quite vocal about his love for dogs and his advocacy on behalf of those maligned breeds. For example, in a 2018 interview with Buzzfeed that found Holland answering questions while surrounded by a pile of puppies, he shared his disgust about the laws in England banning certain breeds: “You can’t have pit bulls in England,” he explained. “They’re considered ‘dangerous dogs,’ which is just nonsense. Look at this thing. How could you say that this is dangerous?”

This past summer, while Holland was busy promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home, he teamed up with Stephen Colbert for the “Rescue Dog Rescue” segment, in which he helped find homes for pups from North Shore Animal League America.

So, yeah. The man loves his dogs. This isn’t the first time that Holland has brought Tessa with him on the red carpet, either. The actor often brings her along for interviews and various press events, which are always well-documented on his social media.

The most adorable thing? When he’s away filming and can’t take Tessa with him, he makes sure to Facetime her like the good doggo dad he is.

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FaceTime is the best

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Basically what we’re saying is, find someone who loves you as much as Tom loves Tessa and you’ll be golden.

You can next hear Holland in Onward, the upcoming Pixar movie, and see him in Cherry, the Russos-produced movie based on the true story of Nico Walker, a former Army medic-turned-bank robber.

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