Today is Kevin Hart’s 41st birthday, and we’re thankful for the comedian and actor spending half of his life so far trying to make us laugh. From his side-splitting standup to his legendary bromance with Dwayne Johnson to his memorable movie roles, Hart has made a career of bringing the funny to everything he does. In honor of his birthday, here are some of his funniest moments on stage and screen.

His Story About Swearing At A Teacher For The First Time

(WARNING: Like the rest of his stand-up, this is very NSFW – but hilarious.)

There’s almost nothing funnier than looking back on your childhood at all the times you thought you were a badass and full-grown only to realize you’re still a kid and you can still get in trouble at home and school. Hart’s story about the time he swore at a teacher in school – with his mom’s permission – but then took it to the extreme is laugh-aloud funny and will bring you right back to a time in your own childhood you got a little too big for your britches.

His Hilarious Bromance With Dwayne Johnson

After doing no less than four movies together (Central Intelligence, the Jumanji movies, and Hobbs & Shaw), it’s clear that Hart and Dwayne Johnson have a deep personal and professional love and respect for one another. You wouldn’t know it from their “feud” on Instagram and social media, however, where the pair have joined the ranks of male celebs who love to troll each other to show their love. It’s all in good fun and it’s provided some of the most entertaining ongoing back-and-forths in Hollywood of the past few years.

Seriously, Every Time He Trolls Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson usually gets the upper hand in their feud, but when Hart takes a swing, he occasionally connects with a knockout. Like this clip from the press junket for Jumanji: The Next Level, where he suddenly went off on a funny tangent dragging the hell out of Johnson in the middle of an interview.

Pretty Much Just All Of Kevin Hart’s Instagram

Kevin Hart’s posts, understandably, have been a little more serious in recent months thanks to COVID-19, the entertainment industry shutdown, and the Black Lives Matter protests. But in more normal times, Hart’s Instagram account is one of the funniest to follow in all of Hollywood. From the good-natured feud with Dwayne Johnson to self-deprecating posts like the above, Hart’s quick wit and eye for comedic moments shine through on his social media accounts.

His Well-Documented Fear Of Animals And Bugs

Most people love animals. Kevin Hart is not one of those people. He famously hates animals and bugs of all kinds, from hating gnats, to his raccoon nemesis, to hating having to ride a camel in Jumanji: The Next Level. For a guy who has to work with animals and does extensive traveling, that’s a fairly awful fear to have. However, you can’t deny that his dislike of animals has made for some great reaction moments. Not so great for him, great for those of us laughing too hard to stop watching.

When He And Jimmy Fallon Went Back To High School

High school is a time some of us liked and many of us would like to forget. Hart and Fallon went back to high school for a skit to promote Hart’s film, Night School, and it went about as awkwardly as you can imagine. Their gym class interactions, especially Hart’s delivery of “I love laps!” as he runs like a tiny squirrel across the gym floor, will make you laugh aloud. He’s like a demented version of the Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson “On your left!” running scene.

When He Trolls The Hell Out Of NBA Players

Kevin Hart loves going to basketball games. But what he loves more than going to basketball games is sitting courtside and trolling the hell out of the players. The players can’t help but laugh as Hart yells the most bizarre things at them, from telling them their legs are fake to telling LeBron James his butt is fake to telling James Harden people live in his beard. And the players get their revenge on Hart, too, such as the time LeBronstole Hart’s drink as he jogged past and handed it to Drake. Jack Nicholson might arguably be the most famous basketball fan, but Kevin Hart is by far the most funny.

What are your favorite Kevin Hart moments?

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