Look alive, webheads. Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is swinging back into production this summer.

After a short-but-harrowing period of time that saw Spider-Man out of the MCU, then Spider-Man back in when Sony and Marvel finally reached a deal when Tom Holland got them back to the negotiating table after drunkenly crying to Bob Iger, things are clicking along for the third Spider-Man movie in the MCU.

The as-yet-untitled movie is slated to begin production in July and run through November. The usual shooting locations are in the mix: New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta at the Pinewood Studios, but so is one more location: Iceland. That’s an interesting spot to film in considering the rugged terrain and vast spectrum of scenery and geography. If you shoot in Iceland, you shoot because you want nature to be featured.

That begs the question: Could the movie be gearing up to introduce Kraven the Hunter? Director Jon Watts has already teased that he would “love” to bring Kraven into the Spider-Man universe next, the trick is simply figuring out how to incorporate that character into the modern MCU. The wilds of Iceland would certainly be a perfect setting for Kraven the Hunter to make his big-screen appearance.

A few days ago, I wrote that the Morbius trailer was setting up a Sinister Six movie. It would make sense for the last villain of the superteam of baddies would appear in the next MCU film rather than sharing the spotlight with and being introduced in Morbius’ film. Plus, the end of Far from Home gave a perfect set-up to introduce Kraven into the next Spider-Man movie: After Peter Parker is outed as Spider-Man and framed by Mysterio for his death, it’s clear he’ll have to go on the run. After all, Marvel isn’t going to give us a movie of Spider-Man being arrested for murder and then fighting the legal system. That’s not Marvel’s M.O. No, Peter will almost certainly pull a Steve & Natasha in Winter Soldier and go underground. And what better person to lead an international manhunt than the world’s foremost hunter and tracker in Kraven? Just a thought.

We’ll keep you updated as more casting news and updates about Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 drop. In the meantime, you can catch Tom Holland next in the Russos’ upcoming Cherry, based on the true story of Nico Walker, a former veteran-turned-bank robber.

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