Times are tough. We’re all socially distancing right now. Downside: We can’t go to the theater to watch movies. Upside: People have been bringing their A-game on Twitter and we’re all interacting more, especially when it comes to streaming movie parties and livetweets. Now we have more time to catch up on all the movies we’ve never seen and come together to talk about the ones we love.

We asked movie fans a simple question:

And people responded with some of the most unexpected and fun answers. Some we could have guessed but others came out of left field – and we loved it!

Check out some of the best responses we got below:

Unfortunately, a few poor souls were hilariously traumatized by their childhood moviegoing experiences:

R.I.P. to the innocence of youth.

Naturally, quite a few others listed seeing animated Disney classics as their first movie memories, including Aladdin, Beauty and the BeastBambi and 101 Dalmations. But the one we got most often was The Lion King:

And maybe the coolest answer of all:

As someone who wasn’t even born when A New Hope hit theaters, consider me infinitely jealous.

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