Disney and Marvel seem to need your help to take down Avatar.

With Avengers: Endgame only $40 million shy ($2.74 billion) of taking the all-time box office record from James Cameron’s Avatar ($2.78B), the blockbuster is returning to theaters June 28 with all-new footage. You may have thought you were done with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but they are not done with you.

Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, confirmed the release at the Spider-Man: Far From Home junket. When Screen Rant asked him if an “extended cut” of Endgame would be returning to theaters, the Marvel Studios head responded:

“Not an extended cut, but there will be a version going into theaters with a bit of a marketing push — with a few new things at the end of the movie. If you stay and watch the movie, after the credits, there’ll be a deleted scene, a little tribute, and a few surprises. Which will be next weekend.”

Once Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, it became the owner of the Avatar franchise — which started in 2009 and has several sequels coming starting in 2021. It’s interesting, to say the least, that the House of Mouse would use one of its films to help take another’s box office crown.

We wonder if the deleted scene will be the reunion between Rocket and Groot during the final battle, a moment the filmmakers revealed they had to cut for time. Or if the shot of Black Widow on the shooting range at Avengers HQ in the first trailer will appear.

So if you’ve seen Endgame two or three times, get ready to see it again (and again) when it returns June 28. Get your tickets below!

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