More and more fans are starting to get on board with the idea of Robert Pattinson as Batman and the hype is building in general. There was that first look at the Batman costume that intrigued everyone, and director Matt Reeves confirming – oh, happy day! – The Batman will not be an origin story. The ensemble cast Reeves has assembled with casting directors Lucy Bevan and Cindy Tolan is incredible, as well.

Still, there are some out there who may still have lingering doubts that “the Twilight guy” can pull off playing Bruce Wayne and Batman. Costar Zoë Kravitz, who is playing Catwoman in the film, is here to set the record straight on that front.

Speaking to, she gushed about how perfect Pattinson is in the role and the unique qualities he brings to the table. Saying that it was truly something she felt he “was born to do,” she went on to explain he was a joy to be around and the respect she has for him as a person and actor makes it so much easier to work together. She baked up her comment about him being born for the role, explaining all he’d experienced as an actor in his career has led up to this:

“First of all, he’s just a really good actor. He started out as this kind of teen pop sensation, and then I think we all kind of saw through his work that there was a lot more going on. He’s a really interesting artist, and that is very much Batman in a way. We have the illusion of Bruce Wayne, and then we have Batman in the shadows that has a lot more complicated things going on. So just in that, I think he’s perfect for this role. He can relate in that way, and he looks good in the suit, man. He looks good in the suit. That’s a good jawline.”

That’s an excellent point she brings up, both about the split between a public and private persona, and about the jawline. He does have a damn good jawline.

Kravitz then pointed out something that most fans never think of when they think of playing Batman. Fans mostly focus on the build, the look, which are honestly the least important things when it comes to casting superheroes, especially Batman. Suits can be padded. Muscles can be sculpted. Personal trainers can be hired. CGI can perfect things. Acting ability is often secondary to how a fan feels about an actor being cast in the role of Batman when it should be the first thing they care about, precisely because the Bat-suit makes it so hard to act. Pattinson’s immense talent and creativity, Kravitz says, helps him tremendously in the role:

“But he’s just a great actor and he brings so much to everything he does. I think that it’s a really hard role because people are expecting a lot. Also it’s restricting in a lot of ways. You’re wearing the suit, and you can’t see their eyes, and you can only move in a certain way. So you have to get really creative in terms of how can you portray a multi-dimensional character? He’s way up for the challenge and has really interesting ideas already. I think he’s perfect, perfect casting.”

I personally love everything we’ve seen and heard so far about The Batman. Though I’ve been Team Pattinson from the start, it’s great to hear how much respect and admiration his costars have for him in the role.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on October 1, 2021. Add The Batman to Your Watchlist and we’ll keep you updated.

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