Hollywood was on temporary pause but productions are gearing back up, release dates continue to be tweaked in preparation for theaters reopening, and things are slowly starting to return to normal – or at least, our temporary new normal. With the entertainment industry turning its attention to television and a number of movie productions either being in pre-production or production, major headline-worthy news has been scarce in the past week. Still, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been interesting news to share.

Let’s hop to it.

First Pics Of Tom Holland As Nathan Drake In Sony’s ‘Uncharted’

For a long time – we’re talking years – Sony’s Uncharted movie was one of those mythical Hollywood projects that had been in development for years but somehow never moved forward. That changed last year, with the project shoring up Venom‘s Ruben Fleischer as director, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as the two leads, and Antonio Banderas, who was added in an as-yet-unspecified role, perhaps the villain. Filming has been ongoing and we finally got our first look at Tom Holland in costume as a young Nathan Drake, along with a few other pics from set teasing the story. Take a look below to see the pic Holland shared; hit the link above to see the rest.

The ‘No Time To Die’ Team Used $70k Worth Of Soda For A Motorcycle Stunt

Moviemaking is a marriage between technical precision and art, between creativity and science. To get a big-budget movie to completion, the crew often has to come up with clever ways to make it work. Such was the case with the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die, which used an old Hollywood trick to film one of the movie’s motorcycle stunts: Coke. No, not that coke – I mean, Coke with a capital “C,” the kind you drink. Stunt coordinator Lee Morrison revealed he sprayed almost 8,400 gallons of Coca-Cola on the streets of Matera, Italy. Why? It creates a sticky layer and enables a motorcycle’s tires to grip a surface better, decreasing the likelihood of a skid during a dangerous stunt. And as a bonus? Coke is slightly acidic so when you hose it off, it leaves a surface cleaner than it was before. Moviemaking magic!

Bruce Campbell Shares Updates On Spinoff Movie ‘Evil Dead Rise’

Evil Dead is a beloved franchise and has been since Sam Raimi brought the first movie to our screens in 1981. A new movie is in the pipeline, and fans have been wondering just how that movie, Evil Dead Rise, will fit into the universe. Will it be a reboot? A sequel? A remake? Turns out it will be none of those things, according to OG trilogy star Bruce Campbell. Instead, it will be something like a spinoff, existing in the same universe as the original trilogy but in a new urban setting and with a new cast led by a girl this time. Campbell explained that the Necronomicon, the ancient and evil Book of the Dead that causes all the problems in the original trilogy, has a way of getting around. In this story, it ends up in the hands of new people and a new Deadite invasion is born. It’s a way to neatly tie it into the existing universe (unlike Fede Alvarez’s great 2013 straight reboot) while allowing director Lee Cronin to do his own thing. Groovy.

Last but not least, check out our Quick Hits column that rounds up all the bits and bobs of news that don’t quite make the cut for a full article but are still interesting updates:

  • Marvel’s Blade reboot is looking for writers
  • OG Jurassic Park trio shares sweet photo
  • Ben Wheatley to direct The Meg 2
  • Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke to appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League
  • So will Jared Leto’s Joker
  • Scream queens Jamie Lee Curtis and Neve Campbell had a great Zoom chat
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson joins Bullet Train with Brad Pitt
  • Universal greenlights Battlestar Galactica movie
  • Tim Burton making live-action Addams Family TV series
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier bringing back early MCU characters
  • And Danny Ramirez joins the cast as a new Marvel character
  • We’re getting one extra Fast & Furious movie
  • The cast of Legally Blonde reunited
  • Mark Hamill trolls Chris Evans
  • Jamie Foxx to star in vampire hunter movie Day Shift
  • The Batman borrows The Mandalorian‘s virtual production techniques
  • Willow series gets greenlight at Disney
  • Bette Midler shares pic of Hocus Pocus trio
  • Harrison Ford and Ed Helms teaming up for buddy comedy
  • Michael B. Jordan to produce DC’s Static Shock movie
  • Anime movie shatters Japan’s opening weekend record
  • China officially becomes biggest box office in the world
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