Ryan Reynolds has become known for being both one of the most hilarious actors on Twitter. What’s more, he’s also one of the most supportive of his fellow actors, regularly tweeting out congratulations to them after landing big roles or about the success of their movies.

Naturally, the internet figured he’d have something to say about Joker surpassing Deadpool to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. Indeed, he did, sharing a “congratulations” message on Twitter that was about as Ryan Reynolds-like as anything Ryan Reynolds has ever posted.

It’s definitely no “Congrats, man, I’m really proud of you!” but hey, no one would expect the real-life embodiment of Deadpool to respond with sunshine and roses.

If you’re wondering about the random list of names under the sentiment, it’s a reference to other R-rated movies Joker now stands atop of at the box office: the Deadpool movies, The Matrix Reloaded (Neo), the It movies (Pennywise), The Passion of the Christ (Jesus), Logan (Hugh Jackman), The Hangover franchise (The Wolfpack), Fifty Shades of Grey (Mr. Grey) and Ted (Ted).

For those keeping score, Joker has now generated $788.3 worldwide at the box office. The first Deadpool movie made $782.6 million at the box office and the sequel made $785.1 million.

I guess this just means Ryan Reynolds is now honor-bound to make a third Deadpool movie, this time under the Marvel umbrella, to try to regain his crown.

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