You might recall that a few months ago, in a pre-COVID-19 world, we launched a fun feature in the Atom Tickets app that lets you share movie plans to Snapchat. You guys loved it so much (before movie theaters had to hit pause), that we decided to take it even further. We’ve been working hard on a new integration during quarantine that basically takes the Atom experience and puts it directly into Snapchat.

Introducing, Movie Tickets by Atom for Snapchat. Ok, so the name might not exactly roll off the tongue, but hear us out—it makes sense. Now you can browse movies, watch trailers, buy tickets and share plans with friends all within Snapchat. Seriously. You can plan an entire movie night with a group of friends from one app. Less messy group texts and money requests. More stickers, Bitmojis and movie plans.  

How it works

When you’re in Snapchat, just search “Atom Tickets” and select the mini program. You can watch movie trailers, browse showtimes, and add movies to your Watch List so we can let you know as soon as tickets go on sale. As you’re looking around, you can share a movie you’re into via camera or chat to hype up your friends. When you’re ready to buy tickets, just pick a time and location then go through the super simple checkout flow. You’ll even see your Bitmoji on your seat selection. You can also buy tickets for your friends and we’ll automatically send them to each person.  

Once you’ve got your tickets, you can share your plans via camera or chat (feel free to add as many stickers as you want). Whether you post it to your story or send it to a small group, friends can swipe up to join in and get their own tickets. They’ll see where you’re sitting so they can pick seats nearby. It’s the way planning a group movie night should be—easy and fun. Again, all of this is without leaving Snapchat so you have more time and energy to get on with your day.  

Safely on with the show

As more and more movie theaters continue to open, things are starting to get back to (the new) normal. Exhibitors are taking extra precautions and implementing new theater safety policies like mask requirements, extra cleaning, capacity limitations and spacing out seating in auditoriums. New films are starting to release in theaters and we still have some of the most-anticipated movies coming out in 2020.  

We can’t wait to get back to the movies with you, and now you have more options for getting your tickets with Movie Tickets by Atom for Snapchat. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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