We interrupt your regularly scheduled movie news for an exciting update on the Atom Tickets app. You see, in addition to bringing you thoughtful articles and easy-to-read reviews, we also sell movie tickets. With our 5-star rated app, you can watch trailers, get tickets, invite friends and even pre-order snacks (at some theaters)Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to plan a night at the movies.  

We hear you like talking to friends on Snapchat, and now you can share your movie ticket to a few friends or a Snap group, right from the app.  

You can add stickers, manipulate the image, whatever you want. You do you. We’ll automatically include a link so that your friends can get their own tickets to join you at the movies. No need for lengthy texts back and forth about time, place, where to meet, etc. Just a few simple taps—the way it should be.  

Invite friends to the movies using Snapchat

Invite friends to the movies using Snapchat

If you want your friends to weigh in on the details before you buy a ticket, you can also share a movie page to Snapchat. Fire it off to a friend or a group to set a plan in motion.  

Check it out for yourself. Get the Atom Tickets app for iOS or Android and start snapping some movie plans. 

Get the app. 

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