While we’ve all been cooped up in quarantine, I’ve been using the time to do some fun, informal surveys by asking people on Twitter movie-related questions. Questions that generated a range of answers, like some of the hilarious answers to “Which horror movie scared you the most as a kid?” to the eye-opening (and sometimes infuriating) submissions when I asked movie fans to share the movie and TV clichés that drive them nuts.

This week, I asked a slightly more challenging question: Which movie role would you recast with a new actor if you could?

I didn’t get as many answers as I have to previous questions, but I like to think that quantity doesn’t always equate to quality. The answers that I did get, you could tell that people have been thinking about these fan-castings for a long, long time. Everything from iconic characters were suggested to some truly deep cuts.

First, the obvious big ones. A couple of fans weighed in on the Star Wars prequels and had thoughts about roles that should be retconned.

And in a fantasy casting, the same actor playing two different roles at two different times in his life:

Speaking of Star Wars, an answer that popped up twice is the one that I think I love most out of all the responses:

All respect to the late, great Alec Guinness, but I think we can all agree that Toshiro Mifune would have been an incredible choice. I mean, come on:

People also had a few suggestions for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchise…

There were also some thoughts on Spider-Man, namely the original trilogy, including one guy who stanned for Tobey Maguire in everything…

And a much more realistic sliding-doors sort of casting…

And these two jokers.

While others wanted to see different actors in other superhero universes.

Including the guy who is desperate to see The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man recast, not because he dislikes the actors but because the lack of actor continuity drives him crazy:

James Bond was also another popular franchise to fan-cast…

A couple of people are still extremely salty about Robert Duvall and the Godfather franchise:

For some truly inexplicable reason, I got multiple responses for The DaVinci Code. Because the internet can be surprising and wonderfully odd.

There’s also this extremely weird coincidence in which one person wanted Daniel Day-Lewis to replace Viggo Mortensen…

…and another who wanted Viggo Mortensen to replace Daniel Day-Lewis. In two completely different movies.

I appreciated the extremely deep cut from insanely talented horror critic Anya Stanley:

There was one response that seemed to border on sacrilege:

…but this guy made up for it with his “put Robin Williams in everything” platform:

Some wanted to give Tom Cruise the boot from a few roles:

And others had some thoughts about how they’d do a few musicals differently if they were the casting director. And, uh, had a time machine.

And finally, all the random but fascinating answers of movies and roles I never would have thought of:


There are a few other answers I didn’t include here, so feel free to click on the thread and read through all of them.

Who would you recast if you could?

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