The DC FanDome virtual fan event is underway, and the DCEU’s next film, Wonder Woman 1984, kicked things off. Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal all joined Brazilian hosts Érico Borgo and Aline Diniz on a giant video stage to field fan questions, talk to a special guest, and show off the second official trailer for Wonder Woman.

Pedro Pascal, who plays villain Maxwell Lord in the movie, gushed about costume designer Lindy Hemming, calling her a “genius.” (Honestly, anyone who can figure out how to make Diana’s Golden Eagle armor completely practical really is a genius.) He said at first, he was terrified because he looked at the “horrible power suits” from the 80s and thought there was no way they could pull it off on-screen without him looking ridiculous. But she figured out a way so that his suits clearly had and ’80s cut and style, but they worked.

It may seem like a cliché, but the cast really did get along like family. Patty Jenkins said all the cast got along so well, they made music videos and were constantly laughing and goofing around on set. So much so that Patty would sometimes get distracted with wanting to join in when she was supposed to be behind the camera paying attention to the footage they were reviewing. “It was like watching all the cool kids go to the mall and you had to stay behind,” joked Chris Pine.

Pine also responded to a fan question about what it was like to play a fish out of water in the 1980s with a thoughtful response. He said having to play someone who was so curious about the time period in which he found himself that it was a good reminder to him in real life, as a real person, to be more open and not so cool about things. A few minutes later, he mentioned one of those moments on set that did make him feel like a kid again: When they shut down all of Pennsylvania Avenue (you know, the street the White House is on) to film a giant scene for the movie, he said he felt like an 8-year-old boy getting to live out a dream.

Then the fan Q&A was over and the queen herself made an appearance: Lynda Carter showed up to say hello. Of course, there was mutual admiration all around, especially from the women. Kristen Wiig, in particular, fangirled out a little as she’s not yet met Lynda, telling Lynda that she used to wear a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween. Meanwhile, Gal Gadot told Lynda she’s so grateful to have Lynda’s guidance and to be able to call her Mama Bear.

It was a sweet moment and really drove home how much of an icon and inspiration Lynda Carter was and still is: Lynda said when her daughter saw Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman, she was like, “Mom, I finally get it now, why so many people look up to you. I get why Wonder Woman is so important.” As a grown woman finally getting to see a female superhero on screen again, I get this.

Gal expanded upon the sentiment of how important it is for little girls (and grown women like me) to see female superheroes on screen:

“We’ve seen so many male superheroes but we haven’t seen enough of female superheroes. And once little girls see this, they believe it. They believe it once they’re exposed. So for little girls to see Wonder Woman – or any female superhero movie – it’s so important.”

Truly, Lynda Carter could not have passed the Wonder Woman torch to a better person than Gal Gadot.

Then the most exciting part of the panel happened when they debuted the second official trailer for Wonder Woman 1984. Honestly? It gave me chills. While Diana’s strength and compassion were on full display, the trailer also leaned into the humor of Steve Trevor’s confusion about navigating the 1980s.

But the most interesting revelation was that we finally got our first good look at Kristen Wiig in her final form as the villain Cheetah. Until now, we’ve only seen her as Barbara Minerva, only given glimpses of her transformation into Cheetah. So closely-guarded was her final look that Kristen wasn’t even allowed to take pictures of her in the Cheetah costume when she was on set.

Check out the new trailer and Cheetah’s look below:

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Wonder Woman 1984 is in theaters on October 2nd.

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