The Trolls franchise is back with Trolls Band Together, and for the movie, one other group unexpectedly got back together: N’Sync. The ’90s and early ’00s boy band was huge at the height of their time together, going on five nationwide (and some global) tours and selling over 70 million records. Despite that success, the band went on a break in 2002 and quietly, officially, broke up in 2004.

But now they’re back, baby, and they’ve brought a new song. Trolls franchise voice star Justin Timberlake, who voices the role of Branch and has also contributed to each soundtrack, got the band back together for N’Sync’s first song in over 20 years. “Better Place” was released in late September, but those who have only heard it on the radio may not know that the iconic boy band was behind it.

N’Sync has been busy in the past few months, with all five members sharing clips and snippets on Instagram and various social media. They even briefly reunited – sadly without a performance – at this year’s MTV VMAs to present Taylor Swift with the Best Pop Album award and a few friendship bracelets. Even T-Swift couldn’t contain her excitement, blurting out, “What’s going to happen now? They’re doing something and I need to know what it is. You’re pop personified.”

As it turns out, that “something” was Trolls Band Together. But those who think the only bit of N’Sync involvement was them recording a new song for the soundtrack will be pleasantly surprised to know they are worked into the movie in other ways. The guys got trollified, each one getting his own troll counterpart. Timberlake’s Branch was joined by JC Chasez’s Hype, Joey Fatone’s Ablaze, Lance Bass’s Boom, and Chris Kirkpatrick’s Trickee. Timberlake explained how it would work in a fun behind-the-scenes video:

But that still isn’t even the last way the beloved pop group found its way into Trolls Band Together. One of their most famous songs, “I Want You Back,” was covered in a scene featuring the fictional boy band, BroZone, doing a medley of pop songs from across the decades. Surprisingly, it wasn’t N’Sync doing their own cover, but four other real pop stars who voice the members of BroZone. It was a great nod to the music of N’Sync and a fun way to work it into the movie.

Who knows? Maybe the guys had so much fun getting back together that they’ll announce a reunion tour soon. We can only hope!

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