Toy Story 4 gave Woody, Buzz, and the gang a proper sendoff, but things could have ended much differently.

The Pixar sequel always planned for Woody to move on from his toy pals and reconnect with his old flame, Bo Beep. And it’s that relationship with Bo that the alternate ending would have hammered home. On a recent episode of the Fine Tooning podcast, Drew Taylor revealed what that scenario would have looked like:

Toy Story 4 introduces us to this idea that on the bottom of Woody’s boots is Bonnie’s name, and half of it is on one shoe, and half of it is on the other shoe. So one shoe says ‘BO,’ and the other says ‘NNIE.’ When Woody decides to make his final decision to stay with Bo and leave the other toys behind, he actually takes his boot and scrapes off the bottom of his left boot, so underneath his boots just says ‘BO’…there were a couple of different versions of this. At one point, he stepped in a pizza – yeah, that is actually true – and that left him with the ‘BO.’”

As cute as this beat sounds, it also feels a bit too on the nose, with Woody basically branding himself as the property of Bo Peep.

And for Woody’s final moments, it makes more sense for audiences to want to stay with Woody during them instead of being potentially jerked out of the scene’s emotional impact with a reference to Bonnie.

The film’s final ending is arguably a perfect one, and definitely one of the best and most emotional scenes in the entire franchise. Looks like Pixar made the right call here, but we hope to see this deleted scene on the eventual Blu-ray release – which Taylor says on the podcast is a likely possibility.

Toy Story 4 is in theaters now. Grab your tickets below.

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