Tom Holland is having himself a tumultuous week. The fires of the news that Spider-Man may or may not be out of the MCU if Sony and Marvel fail to reach new terms haven’t even died out yet and now, his long-gestating Uncharted movie has lost another director. Deadline first reported the news that Dan Trachtenberg has left the project.

For those keeping score at home, that’s the fifth director to leave. The previous four before Trachtenberg were David O. Russell, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, and Shawn Levy. Not a great track record for the troubled production so far.

But as Trachtenberg exited, another player entered: PlayStation Productions, Sony’s new production arm that aims to do for Sony video games what the Marvel formula has done for comic book movies. Uncharted is set to be the first feature film from the new branch. PlayStation Productions will be producing along with Ari Arad, Avi Arad, Chuck Roven and Alex Gartner. Sony has also indicated that they’re already busy meeting with other potential directors and plan to have a new director finalized by the end of the summer. The plan is for production to start in early 2020. That self-prescribed timeline doesn’t give Sony much time to find a replacement for Trachtenberg, but deals have come together faster in the past. I’d also hazard a guess that Sony has known Trachtenberg was leaving for a while and has already narrowed down the field of new candidates.

With a script by Art Marcum & Matt Holloway with Rafe Judkin, Sony’s live-action adaptation of the popular video game franchise will feature Holland as a younger version of the treasure-hunting Nathan Drake. So far, Holland is still on board and that likely won’t change, especially if Sony can move as quickly to lock in a new director and start production as they hope.

So far, Uncharted still has a release date of December 18, 2020, but expect that to change as a production start date gets finalized.

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