It’s been a long time coming, and the best thing that’s ever been hers will now be ours when Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour makes its big screen debut! Although she has already built an incredibly successful career for herself over the past seventeen years, music icon Taylor Swift has taken the entertainment industry and the entire world by storm this year with her Eras Tour. Demand for her music and tickets to her events have been unprecedented, and the explosive cultural adoration of Swift has been akin to the attention generated by the Beatlemania of the 1960s. Simply put, it’s become impossible for every Taylor Swift fan to see her perform live on the Eras Tour.

The solution? Bring the tour to every fan in every corner of the globe with a concert film experience unlike any other at movie theaters. Finally, fans no longer have to wonder what it might be like if this was a movie, because it is! Generating massive buzz from both fans and media outlets, and with the Eras Tour already being one of the highest grossing concert tours by show, the concert film is expected to be massive for the movie industry, and here are just a few reasons why. And just like anything that Taylor shares herself, this piece is full of easter eggs to some of Taylor’s songs, so see if you can catch them all!

The Swiftie Community Has Spoken

If ever there was an unstoppable force, it would have to be Swifties, the fitting nickname for fans of Taylor Swift. Swifties are not only passionate and dedicated to their favorite artist, but they know that the best people in life are free, and value community over everything else. Going to the movies has always been about gathering as a community with friends and family, so if any movie could certainly pack in a full auditorium, it would be a film centered around Taylor Swift, who has a fanbase that rivals that of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, or any other blockbuster franchise title. Not only will Swifties drive in a getaway car to the theater in droves, but they’ll be sure to go out in style, because the Eras Tour was truly made to be event cinema.

Just as plenty of moviegoers dressed to impress in their best pink attire for Barbie (2023), Swifties have already created their own dress code for both the Eras Tour concert as well as the concert film. The dress code is simple: anything inspired by Taylor! Whether it be a recreation of one of her iconic looks, like Swift’s famous purple Speak Now dress or a cozy cardigan, or a nod to a favorite song lyric, such as a Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince duo costume, there is one constant accessory that will always be a hit: friendship bracelets.

In fact, after fans began trading the homemade bracelets at the concert – many themed with Taylor Swift lyrics and quotes – several movie theater chains have made plans to join in on the festivities by offering movie-goers exclusive bracelets to collect and trade. Having a movie be more than just a film, but an eventful night out generates excitement for it, and if a Swiftie can’t decide on which outfit to wear? Well, there’s a high possibility that they’ll simply see the film twice! Swifties will be eager to bring out their best bejeweled dress and red lip, with plenty of glitter thirteens decorating their hand as they find a place in this world at their local theater.   

Overwhelming Ticket Demand For Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Before the Eras Tour kicked off on March 17, 2023, Swifties first had to battle it out on Ticketmaster just for the chance to go. That is, if they were even selected as one of the lucky ones that were granted access into the presale. And for those that were granted access, managing to secure concert tickets was a headache that left many screaming and crying, a painful feeling that they remember all too well. As an unprecedented 14 million fans showed up for the sale, the Ticketmaster website continued to crash throughout the presale until tickets were completely sold out, causing the platform to cancel the public on-sale event, and resulting in plenty of bad blood between Ticketmaster and Swifties.

While many fans ended up ticketless during the great war, that didn’t stop them from making the whole place shimmer. Nationwide, cities were enchanted by the gorgeous star and embraced the Taylor phenomena with open arms as local businesses hosted plenty of fan events and Swift-themed pop-ups, and each city attempted to upstage the previous one by renaming streets or entire cities after Swift, or even by giving her the key to the city and granting her the title of honorary mayor for the day. While the concert itself was everything that a Swiftie’s wildest dreams are made of, it still wasn’t a cruel summer for fans that didn’t get to make it inside the stadium. An abundance of spectators dropped everything to gather outside the stadiums in each city to listen to the performance going on inside, with millions more across the globe watching the shows virtually with the assistance of livestreams.

After adding additional dates multiple times, the tour itself is planned to have a total of 146 shows across five continents and is on-track to becoming one of the highest grossing tours of all time. It is currently ongoing and is set to start up again on November 9, 2023 in Buenos Aires, and is expected to conclude on November 23, 2024 in Toronto – though we will see if more dates continue to be added. Until then, fans everywhere can shake it off with plenty of other Swifties at their local movie theater!

Taylor Swift’s Undeniable Cultural Impact

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is currently one of the biggest names in global pop culture, with even just the mention of her name turning heads. Since the start of the Eras Tour, her reputation has only grown more and more, and once the concert film was announced and tickets went on sale, even heavily-anticipated movies began to shift their release dates so as not to conflict with the Eras Tour film.

Born on December 13, 1989, Taylor is well-known amongst her fans for favoring the number thirteen, so it’s not a surprise that she would want her concert film to open on the thirteenth day of the month. Only it just so happens that the thirteenth day of October happens to be a Friday. Yes, Friday the thirteenth in October, and horror fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Exorcist: Believer on the spookiest day of the year. But this time, it’s the scary movie that’s not fearless at all, and so even though The Exorcist: Believer had their October 13 release date set first, the release of Taylor’s The Eras Tour caused the film to shift its opening by one week to October 6 instead. For a horror movie to give up a Friday the 13th opening slot is simply unheard of, and doing so should be more than evidence enough that Swift’s movie is set to do huge numbers.

To top it all off, with recent, unexpected rumors of her dating the boy on the football team, it seems that she’s been the subject of any conversation anywhere you go. Rumors of her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce have been fueled by even the NFL and ESPN, the former of which even updated their social media pages to images and lyrics of Swift. Whether or not there is any truth behind it, the collision of the seemingly opposite worlds and fanbases just goes to show the impact that Swift has over all of society. Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is set to have a minimum four week run in all theaters, making it plenty accessible for all fans to experience the concert phenomena as many times as their heart desires, ensuring that there is nothing but happiness all around and certainly no teardrops left on any guitars.     

Don’t let karma get you – Get tickets now for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.

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