Space Jam: A New Legacy is about to hit theaters and despite the hype, with it having been 25 years since the first Space Jam was released, some people might be a little fuzzy on the details. The mix of live-action and animation isn’t something widely used these days, but Warner Bros. has hauled the concept out of the storage unit and have dusted it off and given it a makeover in the hopes it will be an enormous hit with a brand-new generation.

A new trailer dropped not long ago, highlighting even more of the cast:

Here’s everything to know about Space Jam: A New Legacy before it hits theaters this Friday.

What’s Space Jam: A New Legacy’s Story About?

Basketball star LeBron James’s youngest son, Dom, dreams of being a video game designer one day rather than following in his father’s footsteps as a basketball player. When Dom is trapped in the Warner 3000 Server-Verse, a virtual space overseen by the tyrannical A.I. program Al-G Rhythm, it’s up to LeBron to get his son back. But it won’t be easy. The terms of the deal involve LeBron pitting his basketball team, comprised of the good-hearted by dysfunctional Looney Tunes Tune Squad, against Al-G Rhythm’s digital Goon Squad team, virtual avatars of superstar basketball players. LeBron has his work cut out for him, but come on–we know King James and the Looney Tunes will win, and from the look of the trailer, it seems that they’ll turn it around in the only way the Looney Tunes know how: by being completely looney.

What Do The Space Jam: A New Legacy Uniforms Look Like?

LeBron himself revealed the new uniforms for the sequel last August and the bright colors match what we’ve seen so far from the trailers:

There’s a lot going on here for the eyeballs to process, from the fluorescent colors to the highlighter orange sneakers to the asymmetric design. Still, it’s kind of great. Very cool how the Looney Tunes logo is incorporated into this new uniform and, sure, the colors might make LeBron look like a parrotfish, but they’re vibrant and fun, just like the movie is aiming to be.

Who’s In The Space Jam: A New Legacy Cast?

With its mix of live-action and animation, Space Jam: A New Legacy has both a physical cast and a voice cast. The live-action cast mostly consists of James and his family and friends, along with Don Cheadle’s antagonist. Meanwhile, the voice cast is, of course, the wacky Looney Tunes and the other denizens of Warner Bros.’ deep IP library, as well as real-life basketball players voicing members of the Goon Squad.

Live-Action Cast

  • LeBron James – Himself, and also voicing his animated form
  • Alex Huerta – Young LeBron James
  • Don Cheadle – Al-G Rhythm, the villainous A.I. system; his name is a pun on “algorithm”
  • Khris Davis – Malik, LeBron’s childhood friend
  • Sonequa Martin-Green – Kamiyah James, LeBron’s wife and a fictionalized version of Savannah James
  • Cedric Joe – Dominic “Dom” James, LeBron’s youngest son and a fictionalized version of Bryce James
  • Ceyair J. Wright – Darius James, LeBron’s oldest son and a fictionalized version of LeBron “Bronny” James Jr.
  • Harper Leigh Alexander – Xosha James, LeBron’s daughter and a fictionalized version of Zhuri James

Voice Cast – Tune Squad

  • Jeff Bergman – Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Yogi Bear, and Fred Flintstone
  • Eric Bauza – Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn, and Marvin the Martian
  • Zendaya – Lola Bunny
  • Bob Bergen – Tweety
  • Jim Cummings – The Tasmanian Devil
  • Gabriel Iglesias – Speedy Gonzales
  • Candi Milo – Granny
  • Paul Julian (archive recordings) – The Road Runner

Voice Cast – Goon Squad

  • Klay Thompson – Wet-Fire, a Hydro-Man/Human Torch-like hybrid Goon Squad member with aquakinesis and pyrokinesis. The character is inspired in part by the “Splash Brothers” nickname given to the duo of Thompson and Stephen Curry.
  • Anthony Davis – The Brow, a male harpy-like Goon Squad member. The character is named after one of Davis’s own nicknames.
  • Damian Lillard – Chronos, a speedy robotic Goon Squad member. The character is inspired by Lillard’s basketball nickname “Dame Time.”
  • Diana Taurasi – White Mamba, a nāga-like Goon Squad member. The character is inspired by Taurasi’s basketball nickname “White Mamba.”
  • Nneka Ogwumike – Arachnneka, a spider-like Goon Squad member.

What Other Warner Bros. IPs Are In The Movie?

It wouldn’t be fun to spoil every Easter egg and surprise, but the movie is indeed stuffed full of other, non-Looney Tunes Warner Bros. characters and references to other properties, including the ones you might expect, such as The Matrix, the Iron Giant, King Kong, The Mask, DC, Casablanca, Austin Powers, Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo, and the Flinstones. But there are certainly others you might not expect to see in a family film, such as the War Boys from Mad Max, Joker, the Gremlins, Pennywise the Clown, some random characters from Game of Thrones, and, most inexplicably, Alex DeLarge and his droogs from A Clockwork Orange.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is in theaters on Friday, July 16.

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