Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie is already generating a ton of positive buzz and plenty of enthusiastic reactions on social media, thanks to its humor, heart, and cast of wacky Spider-people pulled straight from the comics. Now, the Spider-verse is set to get even bigger with Deadline reporting that Sony is busy developing a Spider-Women spinoff movie.

Just like Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Women will be animated, with Amy Pascal producing. We can also guess that the crew assembled for Spider-Verse will be behind Spider-Women, i.e. Chris Miller, Phil Lord, Avi Arad and Christina Steinberg. New(ish)comer Bek Smith has been tapped to write the script. She’s a graduate of the Marvel Writer program and has been busy with production rewrites for Captain Marvel, however, so this isn’t her first rodeo tackling superhero movies.

The Spider-Women of the Marvel Universe (Credit: Marvel)

The Spider-Women of the Marvel Universe (Credit: Marvel)

Spider-Women is set to focus on three generations of women with spider-powers, and we can hazard a guess that at least one of them will be Gwen Stacy, a.k.a. Spider-Woman of Earth-65, affectionately known as Spider-Gwen to legions of fans. Since she burst onto the comic book scene in 2015 as an alternate Earth version of Gwen Stacy in which she was the one who gained superpowers and became the hero rather than Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen has been one of Marvel’s most popular comic book characters. Her big-screen debut in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has been anticipated for a while, and it’s not a stretch to think that she’ll likely be anchoring the female-led spinoff.

But there are plenty of other women who might be joining Team Gwen. The OG Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, is another character that fans have been clamoring to see on screen for literally years. Unfortunately, the movie rights to the former HYDRA agent-turned-superhero have been a little murky, but we can almost guarantee she’ll make an appearance in Spider-Women. Maybe as the matriarch and mentor of the team, since there will be multiple generations? It’s a fitting role for the super spy.

We can also guess that Cindy Moon, a.k.a. Silk, will be in the movie. One of the rare Korean-American characters and another fan favorite, Silk had a bit of a rough origin story, but has since come into her own as a capable fighter and hero in her own right. She’s become popular enough to get her own ongoing series and attract a legion of fans with her stories. She’s also been in a comic book series with Gwen and Jessica, so it’s a near certainty they’ll be the power trio of the movie.

Silk, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Gwen (Credit: Marvel)

Silk, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Gwen (Credit: Marvel)

Anya Corazon is another heroine who would be a welcome addition to the team of versatile women. Originally known as Araña, the heroine now known as Spider-Girl is interesting in that her story wasn’t always about the powers she had, but the ones she didn’t: In the comic books, she lost her powers for quite some time and had to rely on her own natural agility and equipment to fight crime. While she has since regained her powers, it’s still an interesting twist on a story that might otherwise have gotten old.

And who knows? We might even see alternate timeline versions of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s daughters in Anna-May Parker, a.k.a. AMP or Mayday Parker, also known as Spider-Girl.

In any case, an animated Spider-Women movie is a genius move on Sony’s part for a number of reasons. The women of the Spider-verse are some of the most popular characters in Marvel comics at the moment, and it offers the opportunity for all sorts of representation on screen that is still sorely lacking in superhero movies, especially for girls. It also doesn’t hurt that the Spider-women easily have some of the coolest costumes in the entire Marvel universe, from Spider-Woman’s utilitarian motorcycle jacket look to Gwen’s hood to Silk’s ninja half-mask. They already look amazing on the pages of a comic book; in an animated movie done in the same style as Into the Spider-Verse, the talented women of the Spider-verse will be eye-poppingly cool.

No word yet on the planned release date for Spider-Women, but with Sony already working on a Spider-Verse sequel with Joaquim Dos Santos directing, it’s likely they’ll be fast-tracking Spider-Women for a release sooner rather than later.

(Credit header image: Marvel)


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