Remember that Momo Challenge on the internet that went viral in 2018? Well, Hollywood is going to turn it into a movie.

Deadline reports that Orion Pictures (Child’s Play) and Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment are working with The Grudge producer Taka Ichise to make a horror movie based on Momo, the chilling, bug-eyed woman with the elongated face that’s at the center of the viral meme.

Momo infamously found its 15 minutes of fame (which is, like, weeks in internet time) by being spread around via WhatsApp and allegedly encouraging impressionable kids to commit violent harm and even commit suicide. All in the name of servicing the figure of Momo.

This is, um, an interesting choice and more interesting will be the likely backlash against the title. But, given the success Vertigo and Ichise have found on the big screen, with horror hits like The Grudge and The Ring, it’s not difficult to see how another pale, wet-haired figure would fit in their wheelhouse. Or why Hollywood would be eager to capitalize on something that terrified the internet in 2018 and make a movie about it years after it was “a thing.”

However the Momo movie (Momovie?) turns out, it’s further proof that the recent resurgence in horror shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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