Magic Mike’s Last Dance is in theaters this weekend and the boys are saddling up for one final grind – literally and figuratively. We’d make this a whole intro, but let’s be honest – as soon as you read the title you scrolled right down to the videos. Understandable.

Ahead are some of the hottest dance scenes from the Magic Mike franchise. And if you want to check out some brand new moves, get your tickets to Magic Mike’s Last Dance now.

Richie’s Dance in the Supermarket – Magic Mike XXL

Anyone who is willing to literally bare it all in the middle of a convenience store and somehow make it sexy deserves to be on this list.

Mike’s Solo Dance – Magic Mike

In which you remember and praise whatever god you believe in that Channing Tatum’s background is in dance.

Ken Singing His Heart Out – Magic Mike XXL

In which you thank whatever god you believe in, again, that Matt Bomer’s background is in singing.

Richie’s Final Dance – Magic Mike XXL

Joe Manganiello. Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer.” A sex swing. What more do you need? Other than a cold shower.

Mike Dancing to “Pony” – Magic Mike XXL

Has there ever been a better combo than Ginuwine and Channing Tatum’s hips? Peanut butter and jelly could never.

It’s Rainin’ Men Group Dance – Magic Mike

What’s better than one hot guy grinding on your screen? Five hot men grinding on your screen.

tWitch at the Club – Magic Mike XXL

There are few things this man couldn’t make look good.

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