As the third installment in the Jurassic World trilogy, Jurassic World Dominion is a game-changer. Dinosaurs roaming free across the earth after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and humans are learning how to survive alongside them–if survival is even possible. Making things even more challenging is the fact that Dominion is set to introduce a number of new dinos into the mix alongside longtime species like the Velociraptor, Blue. Whether these new dinos will be friend or foe remains to be seen–but considering the track record of the Jurassic Park franchise, we’re guessing most of them will be foes. Here’s your guide to all the new dinosaurs being introduced in Jurassic World Dominion.


The Giganotosaurus is set to be the big dino bad of Jurassic World Dominion and with good reason. There is some debate about whether or not Giganotosaurus was larger than the Tyrannosaurus rex, and it was certainly one of the largest terrestrial carnivores of the era. In Dominion, the Giga is large enough to be a T-rex killer and it’s going to be a problem. Director Colin Trevorrow likened the Giganotosaurus to one of the most iconic villains, saying he “wanted something that felt like the Joker,” and adding that “it just wants to watch the world burn.”


The Dreadnoughtus is one of the most newly-discovered dinosaur species, with scientists only uncovering and identifying it about fifteen years ago. They are now considered the largest of the titanosaurian sauropods at a whopping 85 feet long from tip to tail. They may be herbivores, but as Kenneth Lacovara, the paleontologist who discovered Dreadnoughtus said, “I think it’s time the herbivores get their due for being the toughest creatures in an environment.”


FINALLY. Some feather-accurate dinos in the Jurassic series. Jurassic World Dominion‘s Pyroraptor is the first feathered dinosaur to be introduced into the canon. Not much is known about the Pyro in reality as only a few partial specimens have ever been discovered. But if the trailer and its raptor brethren in previous movies are indications, it will be one nasty, speedy piece of work.


For our money, Quetzalcoatlus may be even more terrifying than the Giganotosaurus. Being chased by a dinosaur on land is bad enough but being chased by one in the sky is even worse. In the trailer, it overtakes and outmatches a Fairchild C-119, which has a wingspan of 109 feet. Scientists have estimated that the Quetzalcoatlus had a minimum wingspan of about 36 feet, with some arguing it could have been much wider, so it mangling a plane in midair isn’t that farfetched.


The Therizinosaurus, which is spotted in the trailers chasing Claire Dearing, is one of the weirder-looking dinosaurs that Jurassic World Dominion is introducing. It seems to be the strongest balance between bird and lizard yet, with feathers and a bird-like beak. Strangest of all, however, are its exceptionally long claws. In reality, it was an herbivore who lived in scavenging foliage. But those claws are no joke.

Moros Intrepidus

Jurassic World Dominion is introducing one of the biggest theropods in Giganotosaurus and also one of the smallest: Moros intrepidus. It’s incredibly small compared to its T-rex cousins, with scientists estimating its weight at no more than around 170 lbs. It may have been a scavenger, a hunter that preyed on small animals, or both. In Dominion, it’s depicted as a scavenger that steals scraps of food left in the mouths of larger predators while they sleep unaware.


The Atrociraptor is set to be a sneaky pain in Jurassic World Dominion. The trailers show one chasing Owen Grady, who is on a motorcycle, and easily keeping pace. They’re big, they’re fast, and they’re mean, which certainly suits its name: “Atrociraptor” literally translates to “savage seizer” from Latin. Savage, indeed.


How else could we close out Jurassic World Dominion‘s new dino list than with another raptor? The Oviraptor is another one of Dominion‘s more scientifically-accurate dinosaurs, feathered as it is and with a beak-like face. True to its name, the trailers have shown it around a brood of eggs.

Jurassic World Dominion is in theaters Friday, June 10.

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