This month at Atom, we ran our “Movies On Us” social media sweepstakes. In order to say thanks to the people who have been doing good during a difficult time with the pandemic and protests, we decided to give away 100 pairs of free movie tickets to those who deserve it most. Across our social media, people have been tagging friends and loved ones in stories of extraordinary acts of heroism and ordinary acts of kindness.

We’re spotlighting some of the best entries we received over the course of the sweepstakes. Newer entries will be at the top and the previous ones we included before will be at the bottom, just in case you missed them before. Thanks to everyone out there looking out for others and doing your part to make the world a little bit better.

We posted the sweepstakes across our social media channels and Facebook delivered. The responses we got were heartwarming, thoughtful, and just plain delightful. Click through the gallery to see them:

But Twitter also provided some really great entries of nods to loved ones who went above and beyond in ways both big and small:

The Best Entries From The First Week

Unsurprisingly, teachers were some of the people tagged in the responses.

Essential workers making sure we’re supplied and stocked during the crisis also got quite a bit of love. Grocery workers, delivery people, and retail employees were often tagged:

Not to mention medical workers, pharmacists, and those making supply runs to make sure hospitals have remained stocked with life-saving supplies and vital equipment:

Still, most people just wanted to thank those closest to them. Not necessarily medical workers or essential workers or teachers, but the people who, through their every day acts of thoughtfulness and support, have helped their loved ones and communities get through a difficult time:

One respondent even tagged one of his favorite gamers and thanked her for her livestreams, which have kept his spirits and those of other fans buoyed:

Thank for all that you’ve done and continue to do!

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