Nine years after Inside Out was released, fans of all ages are hungrier than ever for its sequel. Riley Andersen is thirteen now, and things couldn’t be better. She’s happily settled into her life in San Francisco, has great friends, and plays hockey. Nothing could possibly ruin her joyful mood – except the avalanche of changes that are just starting to surface with the scary monster that is puberty. While dealing with braces and acne, Riley also has a whole bunch of new emotions that want to steal the show away from Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Riley must make way for Anxiety, Envy, Ennui, Embarrassment, and Nostalgia, because they’re setting up shop in Headquarters whether or not anyone wants them to.

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Here are the new emotions in Riley’s head we’re meeting this time around.


Just as Joy serves as the leader for the emotions in the first movie, Anxiety (voiced by Maya Hawke of Stranger Things fame) takes the helm for the new batch of emotions at this stage of Riley’s life. And it makes sense too – the teenage years are full of new surprises (sometimes great, sometimes horrible) that would make any kid anxious of what might be coming next. What will their new classes be like? Will the clothes they picked out for the new school year be in style, or will fellow classmates look at them in disapproval? Did their crush notice the huge, red zit on their forehead? What if their new braces make them look horrible? Well good news, because it’s time to worry about all of that and even more when Anxiety, the orange emotion, shows up with tons of baggage that we may or may not have time to unpack. Anxiety is ready to take over at Riley’s Headquarters, bottling up all the other emotions that we know and love – like Joy and Sadness – in favor of being a big bundle of nerves about absolutely everything that could ever happen.


The second-in-command of the new emotions is Envy (voiced by Ayo Edebiri of The Bear), an aquamarine emotion who is small but mighty. Envy knows exactly what she wants, and it’s everything that she doesn’t have, including Disgust’s gorgeous green hair. Her eyes sparkle when something new catches her eye, which occurs approximately every thirty seconds, and her desire to have everything that everyone else does frequently clashes with Disgust’s taste and guidance over what Riley actually wants and likes, not just what everyone else has simply because it’s the latest cool and popular thing to have. Envy doesn’t quickly forget about the many things she desires either. With every shiny and new thing that someone else has, Envy covets it greatly and endlessly, and she’ll go to great lengths to get what she wants when she’s in control of Riley’s console, even if it means pushing the other emotions aside for new ones to take their place.


Did you know you’d be getting a French lesson with this movie? Voiced by French actress Adèle Exarchopoulos, Ennui, otherwise known as Boredom, could not possibly care less about, well, anything at all. To Ennui, Envy simply cares too much about everything, and the only thing that can ever keep Ennui’s attention is the cell phone that is constantly attached to her. Have you ever wondered who is responsible for all of those “I don’t knows” and “I don’t cares” when someone answers what they want for dinner? Well, that would be Ennui in control. Ennui loves to stretch out on the couch and scroll through her phone – just as any teenager does when asked to help with chores – and that’s about the only thing she really enjoys. She sprinkles in a generous dose of teenage apathy into Riley’s life – which Riley’s parents are less than thrilled about – through the mobile app that she can control directly from the couch rather than having to walk all five steps over to the console. That’s right, our own emotions can control us through an app too. Though lazy, and while she might be the reason that Riley’s parents want to pull their own hair out at times, Ennui serves an important role in guiding Riley away from things that simply aren’t worth caring about – like school and hockey team drama.


He might be shy and quiet, but Embarrassment (voiced by Paul Walter Hauser) is impossible to not notice, even when he tries to hide away in his hoodie. The biggest of the emotions and bright pink, Embarrassment always stands out, though he would prefer it if he didn’t. He’s socially awkward, and the teenage years bring plenty of things to be embarrassed over – like accidentally saying the wrong thing to a group of new friends or teammates and then thinking about it for months on end. Or going in for a handshake when the other person has instead offered a fist bump. Just all those small, yet horrifying moments that keep you awake at night. Even with his sweaty hands and blushing cheeks, deep down, Embarrassment is just a big ol’ sweetheart when he manages to use his voice, though unfortunately, he is also easily persuaded into agreeing with others, including Anxiety, even when their decisions might not be the best for the other emotions or for Riley’s development.


Appearing as an elderly woman, Nostalgia (voiced by June Squibb) has arrived onto the scene of Riley’s Headquarters just a little before she’s really needed. Probably about ten or so years and a couple of milestone events – like high school graduation – too early. But she’s here anyway, already reminiscing about the wondrous time it was thirty seconds ago before everyone completely fumbled meeting a new teammate. Riley might not have a ton of big life events to look back on just yet – like finishing high school, or attending a wedding, or a first holiday celebration with a new kid – but that doesn’t mean that Nostalgia can’t reminisce about how easier things seemed to be before Riley became a teenager. But that’s the thing about Nostalgia. She can love and cherish memories from Riley’s younger years – like the great times she had with Bing Bong – all while Riley and the rest of the emotions can still look forward to what exciting adventures are yet to come. After all, Riley wouldn’t be who she is without her past, but who she might become next will be just as wonderful to watch.

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