October – which means Halloween – is finally here. A time for horror movies and monsters, the spooky and supernatural. A time for tricks and for treats.

Here at Atom, we like to treat our users, not trick them. What’s the best treat of all for a movie lover? Winning free movie tickets for a year.

That’s why we’re launching our Halloween Horror Fights Sweepstakes on Twitter.

We picked some of horror’s best monsters and icons for the ultimate horror bracket throwdown. In the 13 days before Halloween, we’ll be unveiling matchup polls on Twitter until we crown the ultimate horror movie champion as chosen by you, our amazing, movie junkie fans.

So how do you win the grand prize? Easy. Each day, you can enter yourself to win a pair of free movie tickets – all you have to do is follow @atomtickets on Twitter and RT the daily matchup. Note: We’ll be doing three matchups on the first day, and then one matchup every weekday.

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So follow us on Twitter and help us crown the best horror monster of all time! We’ll be updating this article every round to reveal the winners and introduce the new matchups. But before we get to the first matchup we have to share the legal stuff. Hit that link to see all the deets regarding rules and regulations.

Now let’s get to those matchups. The first round didn’t hold many surprises but the quarterfinal got tougher, the semifinals even more tough. Now we’re onto the final round. Who will reign supreme as the ultimate movie monster?

Final Round: Michael Myers Vs. Freddy Krueger

This is it. The final round. Both Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger have slain the competition to make it to the final round. One is a silent and methodical killer who offs his victims in the real world. One’s a yappy trickster who prefers to do his killing in the dream world. One has 11 movies to his name and the other eight. Both of them are iconic – legitimately iconic, and not in the “temporarily famous thanks to internet culture but not actually game-changing or legendary” way that social media uses the word “iconic.” These two have haunted waking hours and nightmares both. But only one can take the ultimate crown in our Halloween Horror Fights bracket. Who will it be?

You must choose…wisely.


Semifinals Matchup #1: Michael Myers Vs. Chucky

Two classics of their subgenre match up in this semifinal round: The granddaddy of slashers in Michael Myers and the world’s best-known killer doll in Chucky. Look, you know these two. I don’t have to explain them to you; you know what they’re about. One’s big and slow, the other small and quick, but both are equally deadly and equally as determined to kill. This matchup could honestly go either way. It’s up to you to decide.

Semifinals Matchup #2: Freddy Krueger Vs. Jigsaw

Freddy Krueger vs. Jigsaw, two men who have a love of sharp, razor-tipped objects and mind games. Jigsaw is near unbeatable in the real world, but Freddy Krueger is the master of nightmares. I certainly know who I’d pick in this matchup, but what about you? Which of these two killers makes it to the final round? The choice is yours.


Quarterfinals Matchup #1: Michael Myers Vs. Leatherface

Two hulking heaps of messed-up flesh, Michael Myers vs. Leatherface is a showdown between two classic slasher baddies. Sure, they may not talk much, but they’re great at stabbing and, uh, chainsawing people to death. They’re both relentless, they’re both insane, and they both have two of the more iconic looks in horror movie history. Michael Myers won 58% of the votes for his first-round matchup against Jason Voorhees, while Leatherface won his over Harold the Scarecrow with a whopping 77% of the vote. But the chainsaw-wielding cannibal might find himself in a very different situation in this quarterfinal matchup with the granddaddy of horror movie big bads. Who moves on to the next round? That’s up to you to decide.

Quarterfinals Matchup #2: Chucky Vs. Frankenstein

Visually, this is easily the most amusing matchup of the entire bracket so far. A tiny, wisecracking doll against a giant corpse. But if you dig down, they have more in common than you might think, both life stuffed into a borrowed body. This matchup is the quintessential dexterity vs. strength, speed vs. size matchup. Chucky might be small, but he’s quick and vicious as hell. Still, does he even stand a chance against a behemoth with steel-toed boots and anger management issues? It could honestly go either way. You guys are gonna have to determine who wins this one, ’cause I have no idea.

Quarterfinals Matchup #3: Freddy Krueger Vs. Dracula

Now, this is an interesting matchup. Dracula isn’t exactly as talkative as Freddy, but both are intelligent and can intimidate an opponent with head games. We have to ask ourselves a few questions, though. For starters, Freddy Krueger gets to his victims in their dreams. But does Dracula even dream? We have no idea what goes on inside the ancient vampire’s head, especially when he’s in his coffin – and some versions of the vampire myth claim that a vampire actually technically dies when they “sleep,” only to live again when the sun goes down. Can Freddy beat that? On the other hand, can Dracula’s admittedly formidable powers, like shapeshifting, being able to turn into mist, and mind control withstand Freddy’s equally awesome ability to warp reality as we know it? I know what my answer is, but you have to decide yours.

Quarterfinals Matchup #4: Xenomorph Queen Vs. Jigsaw

Last round, the Xenomorph Queen barely eked out a win in her matchup against a dozen zombies. In fact, it was a 50/50 split but the tiebreaker was down to who got the greater number of individual votes and she did. But that is a very different sort of matchup than her going one on one against a human being – and Jigsaw is no Ellen Ripley. He might have weapons galore, but he’s still just a man, and we’ve what the Alien Queen and her brood do to men. It’s not pretty. Still, we have to ask ourselves what kind of fight this is. Jigsaw is the Batman of the horror genre; his strength is in planning and strategizing. If it’s hand-to-hand combat against the queen, he’s going to lose. But if he has time to lay some traps for her, it evens the playing field. Now that I think of it, this might low-key be the most interesting matchup yet.



Matchup #1:  Michael Myers VS. Drax Jason Voorhees

Our first matchup pits horror’s most famous slashers against one another. Plodding but relentless, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees likely couldn’t do a complex math problem, but who needs brains when you have quasi-immortality and a primal drive to kill? Myers prefers a butcher knife while Voorhees prefers a machete, but both can get inventive with their kills if they have to – gruesomely inventive. Though Jason Voorhees was created as a rip-off of Michael Myers (and wasn’t even the killer in the original movie), his sympathetic origin story and franchise twists have made him an icon in his own right. However, Michael Myers is the OG horror movie slasher, the granddaddy of relentless cinematic psychopaths. Who wins our first matchup? That’s for you to decide.

Matchup #2:  Harold the Scarecrow VS. Leatherface

Our second matchup pits two other silent killers who really, really love using human skin in unspeakable ways: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark‘s Harold the Scarecrow and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s Leatherface. Harold might be new to movies, but ask any fan of the original Scary Stories books which story is the scariest and they’ll tell you it’s “Harold.” It’s not every day a malevolent scarecrow comes to life and then kills and skins humans. Even with his story slightly changed in the movie version, he’s still plenty scary. But Leatherface isn’t to be discounted. The scariest thing about him is how realistic Leatherface is – based on a real serial killer (Ed Gein), and mimicking movements of actual mental hospital patients. He’s so unsettling that even though most of the movie’s gruesome gore and mutilations happen off-screen and are simply implied, Leatherface is still terrifying. Either way, their shared fascination with skinning humans is a hard pass.

Matchup #3: Chucky VS. Annabelle

Our third matchup moves from big and plodding to small and quick. Killer dolls are some of the creepiest movie monsters out there, and Chucky and Annabelle are the two deadliest dollies of them all. Chucky’s movies are as funny as they are scary, but he absolutely relishes killing – the quirkier kills, the better. If he can’t stab you with a knife, that’s fine – he’ll just run you over with a lawnmower. Either way, you’re toast. Though Annabelle might be newer to the killer doll scene, however, doesn’t mean she’s not as deadly – and she’s catching up quick. Chucky might be a fictional creation, but Annabelle is based on a very real haunted doll, rooting her horror in reality and opening up the possibility that she could actually happen to you. Regardless, human-sized slashers are hard to miss, but dolls can hide anywhere. No thank you.

Matchup #4: Frankenstein’s Monster VS. The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Our first old school matchup pits two of Universal’s iconic classic monsters against one another. Though, if we’re being accurate, neither are true monsters with malevolent motivations, but rather, creatures who get caught up in the world of humans and lash out in their confusion and fear with deadly results. Frankenstein’s Monster is perhaps the most sympathetic monster of all time; he quite literally never asked to be born. Superhuman strength and human intelligence with all the experience and reasoning capacity of a toddler is a bad mix. He doesn’t mean to kill, nevertheless, he does. But the Creature from the Black Lagoon never asked for humans to invade his jungle ecosystem and attack him, either. It’s never a good time when humans corner a creature they don’t understand – especially not when that creature has razor-sharp claws and the ability to breathe underwater. Misunderstood monsters who are as much about the folly of humankind as the threat of deadly monsters, regardless, they’ll still mess you up.

Matchup #5: Pennywise VS. Freddy Krueger

Here’s where we get into the real freaky-deaky ish. The other monsters were straightforward: Three rounds of monsters who just kill you and get on with it, and one round of monsters who don’t want to kill you but will if they have to. But Pennywise and Freddy Krueger? They’re cats playing with mice before devouring them, relishing the act of messing with their victim’s minds and preying upon their fears before killing them in some truly horrific ways. In the vast pantheon of Stephen King villains, Pennywise is the scariest of all time. He is the immortal boogeyman in the closet, the thing under the bed, the monster that knows every single thing that scares you. Meanwhile, Freddy Krueger gets to you in your dreams; there is no way to hide from him or his razor-sharp glove. Ever. Monsters that don’t just kill you in this dimension but that can get to you in multiple dimensions? Hell to the no.

Matchup #6: Dracula VS. Pinhead

Have there ever been two inherently gothier monsters than Dracula or Hellraiser‘s Pinhead? They love brooding, they love black, and they love an excessive amount of flamboyant costuming. I’m just saying, both have made some choices about their visual brand, but it’s worked – they’re two of the most instantly recognizable movie monsters for a reason. Of all of Universal’s Classic Movie Monsters, Dracula is the undisputed champion. Vampires are humankind’s #1 universally-feared supernatural creature, an ancient myth that has roots in cultures all over the world. And Dracula, the fangtastic patron saint of bloodsuckers, is the most powerful of them all. Just like the Count, Pinhead is articulate and refined (in fact, he drew some influence from Dracula himself). He might not be a universal myth, but as the resident head soul harvester of an extradimensional realm that is basically the equivalent of Hell, he’s no slouch, either. Basically, if you come face-to-face with either one of these pale gentlemen, it’s probably way too late for you – God save your soul (literally).

Matchup #7: A Dozen Zombies VS. The Xenomorph Queen

Look, in every bracket about deadly monsters and horror kills, sometimes you just need to have some fun. Welcome to our seventh matchup. Zombies vs. aliens. Well, more specifically, one alien queen. What can we say? The thought of a dozen zombies swarming the Xenomorph Queen as she angrily swatted at them made us laugh – but also ask ourselves, “Actually, who would win that fight?” We allowed the zombies to fight in a group, as that’s their power. They never come alone; the ravenous hordes of zombie outbreaks usually means you’re mathematically screwed. In any zombie apocalypse scenario, the numbers are never on the side of Team Good Guy. But what the Xenomorph Queen lacks in numbers, she makes up for in sheer deadly viciousness. The ultimate apex predator, the Queen doesn’t just kill, she spawns killers. Her brood can burst through your chest, suck your insides through your face – you name it, human bodies are just glorified meat incubators as far as she’s concerned. Either way, between rotting zombie flesh and Xenomorph acid blood, this is the grossest fight on the list.

Matchup #8: Slender Man VS. Jigsaw

If we have some OG classic monster matchups on this list, it’s only fair we include a modern monster matchup. Both Slender Man and Jigsaw are creations of a post-Internet age, monsters that are a reflection of this generation’s fears. Slender Man is arguably the most well-known urban legend of modern times, starting as a Creepypasta story on the internet but quickly evolving into something more. His existence shows how stories take on a life of their own as his own myth has been added to over the years, a terrifying human construct that nonetheless holds power. Jigsaw, meanwhile, is the avatar of one of Hollywood’s most depraved serial killers. The puppet may not be the killer himself, but he represents one of the most twisted and gruesome horror franchises ever made. If you see him, you know you’re about to be tortured, mutilated, or killed. If you see either of these two, however, you’re definitely in for bad times ahead.

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