Every year, the Oscars are Hollywood’s biggest, most glamorous night. Actors turn out in couture, custom-made gowns and sharp tuxedos. Champagne is popped, caviar and canapés consumed. And 24 winners will go home with a 24-karat-gold-plated statue.

But worth even more than the statue, which, strangely enough, only costs $400 each to make, nominees in the top categories will once again bring home a gift bag courtesy of celebrity and product-placement marketing agency Distinctive Assets. This year, the traditional gift bags are worth an eye-popping $225,000 each, up almost $80,000 from last year’s bags, which were worth an estimated $148,000. Added up, this year’s Oscars gift bags cost a staggering $5.4 million dollars, or, as Forbes put it, more than what The Goldfinch made in its entire theatrical run.

What’s in the bag that makes it so expensive? Here’s a list of just some of the items in this year’s gift bag. Be prepared. These gifts are about as bougie as they come. Somewhere, Gwyneth Paltrow is already commanding her staff to get these products for next season of The GOOP Lab.

  • “Hydrogen-infused” water – $29.99 each
  • Bath bombs stuffed with gold leaf and “moon-charged” amethyst – $75 each
  • A “brainwave-sensing” meditation headband – $250
  • 12-day cruise on the Scenic Eclipse 220-person yacht, including a butler, two helicopters and a spa – $78,190
  • Romantic getaway in an old Spanish lighthouse converted into a hotel – $1,300-1,800 per night
  • A year’s membership to a bespoke, private matchmaking services – $20,000 per year
  • A year’s membership to on-demand personal assistant services – $10,000
  • Various cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures – $25,000
  • Gold-plated vape pen – $150

But if the above gifts fall under the “rich people live on another planet” category, then the below gifts are just…weird as hell or, at least, peak Hollywood. Some of the  gifts this year include

  • A portable, medical urination collection system
  • A “smart bra” that measures a woman’s perfect fit
  • Chocolate edibles, CBD-infused simple syrup, hemp balm

Of course, there are also other small, more normal gifts in the bag, as well, including bottles of tequila and boxes of cookies along with other assorted snacks and gifts.

Celebrities, they’re just like us! I don’t suppose any of this year’s nominees want to hook a poor entertainment journalist up with that yacht cruise, eh?

The 92nd Academy Awards are this Sunday, February 9th at 8pm EST/5pm PST. Click here for our Oscars coverage.

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