We’re all about exciting movie content over here on Atom Insider, but once in a while we gotta give a shoutout to the business side of things—aka the Atom Tickets app. After all, that’s what pays the bills and allows us to create all these articles you love to read. Our app just released a killer new update for iOS and Android and we want to break down some of the new features. Everything we do is designed to make your moviegoing experience easier, faster and more convenient. So, let’s dive in and see what’s new, shall we?


For all the planners out there, you can now add your movie event to your phone’s calendar so you always know what’s on your agenda. Bonus: it’s even smart enough to block off the run-time of the movie. Never miss date night again.

Atom Tickets app "Add to Calendar" feature

Use the “Add to Calendar” feature so you never forget date night again



Our beloved “invite friends without paying for them” feature is one of the reasons why millions of movie fans love the Atom app. When you invite friends, they get a link that will take them to your exact showtime and even show where you’re sitting (if seats are reserved). Then they can get their own ticket and pick their seat. Since everyone has their own ticket, there’s no need to Venmo anyone back or wait for friends to arrive at the theater.

We moved the invite friends option to post ticket purchase. Why, you ask? So that if you aren’t inviting friends, you can get your tickets faster with less clicks. If you are inviting friends, simply tap the handy “Invite Friends” button on the ticket confirmation screen.

Atom Tickets app feature: invite friends

Skip the Venmo by inviting friends to the movies without paying for them.

Once you tap “Invite Friends,” your phone’s share sheet will pop up and you can select how you want to send the invite (text or email). Even if your friends don’t have Atom, they can still get a link and buy tickets. 



If you’re the kind of person who likes to buy tickets for friends, then first of all, can we be friends? Second, we’ve got great news because now you can assign tickets to friends in your contacts before OR after you complete your order. When you assign a ticket, your friend gets sent a link with the QR code and showtime info. Simply tap the plus sign next to “Your Guest” to bring up your contact list. Choose who you want to send the ticket to and voila.  

Assign tickets after checkout

Buy extra tickets and assign them to friends. They’ll receive their very own ticket with all the details.



The QR code screen also got a makeover. Tap “View Your Ticket” to see it and view the info you need to know like your showtime, auditorium, seats and QR code. This screen will automatically appear when you open the app at the theater (as long as you have Location Services enabled). You can also tap “Add to Wallet” (for iPhones) or “Save to Phone” (for Androids) to have your QR code handy.

Atom Tickets app feature: new ticket screen

The new ticket screen shows all the info you need at a glance.

Now that you’ve seen what’s new, make sure to get the Atom Tickets app (free for iOS and Android) or update to the latest version to take advantage of all these convenient features.

Get the app today!

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