After the Indian, Telugu language film RRR hit Netflix and blew up around the world, everyone’s looking for the next big hit out of India and a movie hitting theaters this week might just be that movie: Bade Miyan Chote Miyan. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the Hindi language action-thriller is a wild ride. When an anonymous, masked villain emerges in India and targets the military, stealing dangerous secrets, two legendary agents are brought out of hiding to track the infiltrator down.

Enter Firoz “Freddy”, a.k.a. Bade Miyan and Rakesh “Rocky,” a.k.a. Chote Miyan (Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff, respectively), two elite soldiers with wildly differing personalities and methodologies. Together, they must fight an army of masked vigilantes to track down the real villain.

Even if that’s a great time at the theater, it’s not the only Hindi and/or Telugu language film in theaters right now. Some great ones are currently in theaters in North America. If you’ve wanted to start getting more into Indian films, 2024 is the year to start.


Currently in theaters

Director: Amit Ravindernath Sharma

Languages: Hindi (English subtitles)

Synopsis: Maidaan, starring Ajay Devgn & Priyamani, is a celebration of the world’s most popular sport: football! Maidaan tells the story of one of the finest coaches to ever emerge from India, the one who put India on the world map. Inspired by an incredible true story, it’s a tale about change and believing in ones self.

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Currently in theaters

Director: Rajesh A Krishnan

Language: Hindi (English subtitles)

Synopsis: Heist comedy Crew tells the story of three struggling flight attendants who dream of a better life. When they discover a coworker dies during a flight with gold ingots strapped to his body, the three women team up to smuggle the gold into another country. What follows is a comedy of errors as they get in well over their heads.

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Tillu Square

Currently in theaters

Director: Mallik Ram

Language: Telugu (English subtitles)

Synopsis: Part crime caper and part rom-com, Tillu Square is the sequel to 2022’s DJ Tillu. In the sequel, Tillu has set up his own entertainment events company and life is going well. However, when he meets Lilly, he falls head over heels. That’s where the trouble begins. Lilly isn’t what she appears, and soon, Tillu finds himself blackmailed into helping a secret government task force with taking down one of the most dangerous men in India.

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Family Star

Currently in theaters

Director: Parasuram

Language: Telugu (English subtitles)

Synopsis: Family Star follows the highs and lows of family relationships in a Indian middle-class family drama. It focuses on the character of Govardhan, who wants to achieve greatness in life but has to navigate through a myriad of relationship/trust/ego issues.

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