It feels like we’ve been waiting on the Walking Dead trilogy of movies starring Andrew Lincoln to move forward for eons. Well, okay. Only really since Comic-Con this past July, but that’s forever in movie fan years.

But, soft! What news through yonder internet breaks! It is progress, and Andrew Lincoln is the one. (Shout-out to the maybe three people reading this who like Shakespeare.)

Just this past weekend, the former-and-future leading man of The Walking Dead was spotted at Cotswald Range in his native UK. The actor was busy getting his archery and air rifle on – what better way to stay sharp and train his walker-killing skills than by bow and bolt?

It also looks like he’s letting his grizzled, all-salt-no-pepper Old Man Rick Grimes beard grow back in, which makes sense considering the movies are reportedly picking up right where he left off when he exited the show. It’s entirely possible that Lincoln was just having a bit of fun – and as someone who has shot guns, crossbows, and done archery, I can assure you it’s all a ton of fun – but we can hazard a guess he might be getting back into zombie-hunting mode for shooting.

There’s not been a lot of news on TWD movie front since the big announcement at SDCC this past year that the movies would be theatrical releases in partnership with AMC, Universal, and Skybound, and not just made-for-TV movies for AMC. But with the series currently in its tenth season and almost surely winding down within the next few years, they need to get a move on with the movies.

Back in October, former TWD showrunner and current chief content officer Scott Gimple told that the world would be expanded thanks to Rick Grimes and his movies, saying

“I will say that as Rick took us into the zombie apocalypse, and was our avatar in entering this world, he is going to be our avatar in seeing a much bigger world with a lot of things that have been going on behind-the-scenes, out of our characters comprehension. So, we’re going to discover a whole lot through him, and as there is a little connection to the new show, so people will see some things about the new show and go, ‘Wait a minute. What’s up there?’ So, get ready.”

Could we possibly be hearing more news coming our way regarding a production date start? Casting news? A release date? Fingers crossed that Lincoln was indeed training for the role and the project picks up some serious steam in the months to come.

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